Digital Static Tester™ (DST)

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The Digital Static Tester (DST) measures the leakage rate of a seal (or other component) quickly and accurately, whether the seal is new or refurbished. It can be used to test the flow of any system’s seal regardless of seal type or size.

Consistent and repeatable results are obtained by precisely applying air pressure to a seal placed within the specially designed fixture. The DST provides data in real time and utilizes the actual temperature, actual absolute pressure, volumetric flow rate, and is calibrated to the specific gas being used. The system software yields the mass flow rate corrected to the customer selected standard units.

The easy-to-read digital display eliminates human interpretation and errors inherent in systems utilizing rotometers and analog pressure gauges. The RS-232 port allows the test data to be directly downloaded to a computer.

Using the DST in conjunction with a fixture specifically designed for the seal being tested is critical to the accuracy of the process. To ensure the integrity of the testing, Stein Seal Company will fabricate a fixture for your application regardless of whether you are testing a Stein Seal product or another manufacturer’s seal.

As with all Stein Seal products, each customer’s DST is designed and manufactured to our high standards of quality and reliability that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.


  • Easy-to-read digital display
    • Eliminates human errors in reading data from rotometers and analog gauges
    • Includes an RS-232 communication port for absolute pressure, temperature in degrees Celsius, mass flow and volumetric readings output directly to your computer
  • Customer specified readout of units in liters or cubic feet per minute (SLPM or SCFM)
  • Lightweight (20 lbs or 9.1 kg) and portable
  • Electrical power and an air pressure source are the only operating requirements
  • 16 Gas types are pre-programmed into the meter for automatic calibration of gas density

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