Dynamic Test Laboratory

Extreme Testing Seals and Sealing Systems


  • Digital Temperature Indicators
  • Vibration Monitors
  • Vibration Tables
  • Digital Flow Meters for air, oil and water flow
  • Analog Flow Meters for air, oil and water flow
  • Digital Tachometers
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Moisture Monitors
  • Proximity Probes
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Round the Clock Testing
  • Off-Site Monitoring
  • Digital DataAcquisition is available for monitoring rig and seal test conditions

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In Stein's test lab, we can accurately simulate the extreme limits of operating conditions, which allows us to accurately predict and verify performance under the most rigorous operating conditions.

Each of our over 20 dynamic test rigs, including 2 inter-shaft rigs, is custom designed to meet Stein's high standards and each can be reconfigured quickly for multiple programs to provide fast, concurrent and cost-efficient testing for our customers.

Our testing expertise and equipment are also available to our customers so that they may validate their own designs, or test non-seal related components or systems.

General Test Capabilities:

  • Seal Diameters: up to 60 cm (24 inches)
  • Shaft Speeds: up to 70,000 rpm
  • Oil Pressures: up to 30,000 KPa (4,000 psi)
  • Gas Pressures: up to 20,000 KPa (3,000 psi)
  • Temperatures: up to 815° C (1,500°F)

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Dynamic Attitude Test Rig

Stein Seal® Company developed dynamic test rig capable of simulating extreme engine attitudes at any angle ranging from horizontal up to 90⁰ vertical in order to verify seal performance. In addition to matching gas turbine engine bearing sump pressures and temperatures, the rig shaft rotates at speeds up to 20,000 rpm and can be maintained during the entire tilting process.